The sacred solemn promise of I do...

Celebrating Vivaha welcomes you in the graciousness of indulgence, luxury and fashion. A name relating to the finest wedding indulgence, Celebrating Vivaha presents handpicked wedding trousseau collections from the best designers of India. Extremely personal, and sensitive to the desire of the Indian bride, Vivaha presents vintage elegance in personalized style. You can find everything you need to add your special personal touch to the most special day of your life. As you proceed to make the solemn commitment of love with "I do..." Celebrating Vivaha creates the ambience in fine garments with a vintage aura.

Tarun Sarda presents Celebrating Vivaha started as an exhibition representing the House of Vintage, and now it has grown to a magnanimous scale and has become the biggest consumer wedding trade fair and vintage lifestyle exhibition. The cities embracing the celebrations include Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ludhiana, and Indore. Brides from all over the country, about to commence this very special new journey with love have found Celebrating Vivaha to be the confluence of all things beautiful about an Indian wedding.

The journey began in 2003 as a yearly event in Mumbai and New Delhi. Ten years later, each of these two cities now hold bi-annual Tarun Sarda presents Celebrating Vivaha exhibitions, with many beauteous collections presented to enamor the Indian bride. Celebrating Vivaha attracts the most refined participants, the crème de la crème of the society. The Vivaha wedding exhibition encompasses high end clothing brands, the most extravagant cosmetics, amazing and precious wedding jewellery exhibition, wedding photography in India and wedding planners in India. So, one - stop - solution in Indian wedding photography, Indian wedding planning, trousseau packaging or even numerology and astrology, Celebrating Vivaha is your preferred choice of destination.

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